Hair Accessory Roll Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make a fabric roll perfect for hair accessories, makeup, or any trinkets you need to organize.

This fabric roll is perfect for hair accessories, makeup, or any little trinkets you need to organize.  The clear vinyl makes it easy to find what you need and it’s much easier to work with than it looks.  This roll would make a great gift for a little girl so she could keep all of her hair accessories in one place.

Though I hate binding, it brings the entire project together.  I used left over binding that I bought for another project.  You can also make binding but I pretty much only do that for quilts.

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Hair Accessory Roll Instructions:

Start by cutting the fabric, interfacing, vinyl, and Velcro to size.  I cut a 9” x 11” piece of vinyl then cut it down to 9” x 3” and 9” x 5”.

Iron the interfacing onto the fabric that you picked for the outside of the roll.

Attachign the zipper.Attach the zippers next.  Sew a zipper onto each of the three pieces of vinyl.  I did not pin this, though you could use the Wonder Clips if you would like.  Pins will leave little holes in your vinyl.  Move your needle position to the left so it’ll be closer to the zipper.  Start sewing with the zipper closed, stop sewing (needle down) when you are a few inches from the end.  Lift your sewing machine foot and move the zipper pull behind you sewing machine foot.  Put your sewing machine foot back down and sew the rest of your zipper down.

Velcro placementCut the rough side of the Velcro to 1 ¼“.  Sew the rough side of the Velcro onto one of the smaller pieces of vinyl.  You want the Velcro to be 1 ¾“ from the short side of the vinyl and ¼“ from the long side.  You will do this with two pieces of Velcro on the same vinyl pocket.

Sew the fuzzy side of the Velcro to the fabric you picked for the outside of the roll. This should also be 1 ¾“ from each short side of the vinyl and ¼“ from the long side.  If you aren’t sure that your measurements were perfect for the Velcro sewn to the vinyl, just use the vinyl as a guide to make sure they end up in the right place.

Pocket assembly with an arrow showing where to sew.Pockets

On to pocket assembly. Pin the vinyl with the Velcro to the fabric you picked for the inside of your roll.  I didn’t do this and had to hold the fabric out of the way when I sewed the Velcro on.  The vinyl should line up with the fabric.  Pin through the fabric on the zipper so you don’t put holes on the plastic.

Lay the second small piece of vinyl over the top of the zipper you just pinned.  This is the side that has not been sewn yet.  Make sure that the plastic does not cover the actual zipper, it should butt up against it without covering it.  Sew the vinyl from the new piece to your inside fabric.  You should be sewing the zipper along where the arrow in the picture is.  The pins are under the vinyl but I was able to pull them out as I went.  Once again you will need to stop sewing part way through to move the zipper pull behind your sewing machine foot.

You will do this again with the middle zipper.  Make sure that the zipper on the bigger piece of vinyl lines up with the top of the inside fabric.  Sew the vinyl from the bigger vinyl pocket to the middle zipper.

Sew between the velcro to make two pockets.

Sew the vinyl between the 2 pieces of Velcro at the bottom of the bag.


Bringing It All Together

Line up the inside fabric with the outside fabric right sides out.  Clip or pin around the roll.  I used Wonder Clips on the vinyl and pins on the zippers. Partially unzip the 2 inside zippers.

Sew around the entire bag with a ¼“ seam allowance.

Fold the binding around the corner at a 45 deg angle.


You are now ready for the binding.  Start sewing the binding onto the roll midway down a long edge.  You want to leave a tail of unsewn fabric, this should be a few inches long.  When you get to the corner back stitch and take the roll off the sewing machine.  Fold the fabric around the corner at a 45 degree angle and pin or clip it.  Make sure that the front and the back line up correctly.  Start again at that corner.  Repeat for the other 3 corners.

Measure the width of the binding.  You want to leave an over lap of binding that length at the end. Back stitch and remove the roll from the sewing machine.

Pins hold the two end peices of binding together.

Pin the right sides of the 2 tails together.  You will sew along the line shown in the picture.  I usually draw this line when I do this.  Once you’ve sewn along the line turn it to make sure it is connected correctly.  If it looks right go ahead and cut the extra fabric ¼“ from your sewing line.  Sew the binding down.

You now have a completed fabric roll ready to organize your hair accessories or makeup. How will you use your roll and did you make any changes to the design?

I would love to see how your project turns out. Post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

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