Lace Flower Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through creating lace flowers perfect for pins, hair accessories, or magnets. They can be customized for any event.

My mom is guest crafting with me for this post.  She brought her silk flower supplies and showed me how to make a few different kinds of flowers including the flowers for this project using fabric and lace.

These flowers are great for pins, hair accessories, or magnets.  They could even be used for weddings. We used lace, satin, and netting.  The lace and netting will not show up without something behind them so you will want to have at least one solid fabric to make it stand out.  If you are looking for a fancier look than satin works well as your solid but you could use whatever fabric you like.

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Lace flower materials.Materials:

  • Fabric
  • Lace
  • Netting (Optional)
  • Green Fabric
  • Beads or Buttons
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Pin, Hair Clip, or Magnet (Optional)


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Lace Flower Instructions:

First cut several sets of lace, satin, or netting petals.  You can cut your petals free hand or use the template in the Tools section of this post if you want them to be identical. 

PetalsFor the gold flower we used 2 sets of gold satin, 2 sets of lace, 2 sets of gold netting, and 2 sets of shimmery netting.  They do not need to be perfect, you won’t notice once they are put together.  The flowers should have at least 5 layers of petals or the flower will be too thin, ours had 8 sets of petals. 

Alternate the petals to create your flower.  Turn the petals slightly so they do not overlap perfectly.  The solid colors should be toward the back.

 Lace sewn togehter with 4 big stitches.Once you are happy with the petals, sew a few stitches through the middle of the petals then sew the button or beads through the same spot.  We used a crystal button for the gold flower and group of 3 pearl beads for the navy flower.  If you are using more then one bead go with an odd number, it will look better than an even number of beads.

Once you have sewn your button or beads onto the flower petals you will make 4 big stitches around the flower.  Make sure the stitches are about ½ away from the middle.  I used Navy thread in the picture to show the stitches but you should use coordinating thread to hide it. 

Once you’ve gone all the way around the flower you can pull the thread to bring the petals together.  Next, make a knot at the back of the flower close to the petals.  Make sure the knot is tight or the flower will look flat. Instead of a knot you can also make a few small stitches that don’t go all the way through, then go under those stitches to end your thread. 

Calyx glued to the bottom of the flower sitting next to a hair clip.Finally the bottom of your flower will be covered by a green calyx to.  Cut a calyx from your green fabric then hot glue the calyx to the bottom of your flower. I used a small amount of glue on each point to hold it to the petals.  If you aren’t sure about your knot then you can glue it to add strength.  If you are going to glue a pin or hair clip then you can then hot glue it to the calyx.

You now have a completed flower.  What did you use for the petals of your flower? I would love to see how your project turns out. Post your pictures to Instagram

This tutorial walks you through creating lace flowers perfect for pins, hair accessories, or magnets.  They can be customized for any event.

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