Polymer Clay Drawer Pull Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through creating polymer clay knobs for your cabinets that look like colorful buttons.

To add some personality to my craft room I decided to make polymer clay draw pulls for my closet doors and a cabinet.  The cabinet knobs add some  color to my crafting space.  You could use these same steps to make a drawer pull that looks like anything you want for your room.

I was going to use the original drawer pulls and just cover them with clay, but 2 of them were too big and the other 2 were not metal.  Instead I bought the cheapest metal knobs I could find at Lowe’s.

Next, I picked clay colors that I thought looked nice together.  I used pearl clay so it has a little shimmer to it.  I didn’t have any pearl purple clay in my stash so I mixed the blue and red to create it.

Polymer Clay Materials


  • Polymer Clay
  • Metal Drawer Pulls


  • Needle Tool
  • Tin Foil
  • Clay Tile
  • Basic Polymer Clay Supplies

Polymer Clay Drawer Pull Instructions:

I use a ceramic tile when I’m working with clay.  It is easy to work with and cleans up easily because the clay doesn’t stick to it.  You can get them from home improvement stores for less than a dollar.  You can even bake the clay on the tile.

Knob on top of flattened clay.To start take about ¼ of a block of clay and condition it, rolling it around in your hands to soften the clay.  Roll the clay into a ball and flatten the clay.  You want the clay to hang over the edge of the metal.

Rolling the clay.Mold the clay over the edge of the metal then roll the drawer pull back and forth to flatten the sides.  The clay should go over the sides enough to keep it attached to the drawer pull but thin enough so it doesn’t take up too much space.  The clay on the back of this drawer pull is too thick, it needs to be flattened.

Clay knob with indents representing the button holes.With the back complete its time to add the detail.  I added 4 indents in the front to represent button holes.  You will want to make sure you don’t go all the way to through the clay to the metal.  If you don’t have any clay tools you could do this with a tooth pick.  Look at the back of the drawer pull again to make sure you are still happy with it before you are finished.

Once the drawer pulls are ready to be baked you will need to find a way to bake them that keeps the clay from touching the surface of your tile.  If the clay is touching anything when it bakes it will be shiny in that place.  I used tin foil to keep the clay from touching the tile.  Crumple up some tin foil, flatten the bottom, and form an indent in the middle the size of the drawer pull shank.

Four button knobs ready to be baked.Bake the drawer pulls according to the instruction for your specific clay.  I baked mine for 30 mins at 275°.

Once the drawer knobs have cooled you can attach them to your drawers or cabinets with the hard ware that came with the drawer pull.

I used these to add some color to the closet doors in my craft room.  The buttons seemed fitting and who wants boring knobs in their craft room? I had to get rid of the cabinet I made the other 2 knobs for when a friend gave me a desk a few days after I made them so I only used 2.  What color scheme do you have in your craft room?

I would love to see how your project turns out.  Post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

Clay Button Drawer Knob Pin

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