Super Simple Sewing Machine Pin Cushion Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through sewing a pin cushion that attaches to your sewing machine arm so it's always where you need it.

This is a pin cushion I made after I received a similar one from a friend at a quilt retreat.  She used ribbon to attach it to the sewing machine instead of elastic.  This makes sense when you don’t know the size of the sewing machine it will be going on, but I prefer the clean look of the elastic.

The elastic is also pretty forgiving so if you are looking to make a gift for a fellow sewist you could probably still use the elastic.  The other option is sneaking into their craft room to measure their sewing machine but this could be seen as slightly creepy.

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Pin Cushion MaterialsMaterials:


  • Basic Sewing Supplies
Fat Quarter Shop Quilting Fabrics and Supplies


Sewing machine with arrows where you should measure.Measure your sewing machine where you would like the pin cushion to sit.  This may be different depending on the sewing machine.  I like to put mine between the knobs on the sewing machine.  Mine was 5” x 1¼“.  You want to make sure you have room for the cotton stuffing and I didn’t want to sew the bottom seam so I made one 5” x 3¾“ piece.

Measure around the sewing machine where the elastic will go.  Mine was 19½“.  The elastic I used had a lot of stretch and my sewing machine is pretty big.  I cut my elastic to 12” in case the pin cushion ends up on a different sewing machine.

Fabric folded over and pinned.Fold your fabric in half length wise with the right sides together so it is still as wide as your sewing machine arm.  Center the elastic between the seam and the top of the fabric.

The end of the elastic should stick out of your fabric by about ½” on both ends.  The rest of the elastic should be inside the fabric.

Pin all the way around making sure to pin the elastic in straight.

Pin cushion sewn around the edges leaves a space to turn.Sew around the sides leaving a hole to turn it.

Turn it right side out and fill with cotton fill.

Hand sew the hole closed.

Pull it over the arm of your sewing machine to where you want it and throw a few pins in.  You are ready for your next project.

Sewing Machine with Pin Cushion

This is the most used pin cushion in my craft room.  If I use the sewing machine I use this pin cushion, it’s just so convenient to throw pins here instead of searching for the pin cushion that is probably still on the ironing board.  With this I always have a place to put pins while I’m sewing.

I would love to see how your project turns out. Post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion Pin

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