Burlap and Lace Flower Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through creating burlap and lace flowers. These flowers are a fun way to add a rustic feel to your project. They look nice for weddings, centerpieces, or just everyday decorations.

These burlap and lace flowers are a fun way to add a rustic feel to your project.  They look nice for weddings, centerpieces, or just everyday decorations.  This is the third in a series of three posts that my mom joined me for as a guest crafter.  We made Lace Flowers and Kids Fabric Hair Clips in the first two posts.

My mom did the flowers for a friend’s wedding using these flowers and we thought you may be interested as well.  The bride asked for burlap flowers but they couldn’t find any that really looked amazing so she made these.  She used a combination of burlap flowers, burlap and lace flowers, and the lace flowers we made in the previous post.  They turned out beautiful.

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Burlap flower materials.Materials:

  • Lace
  • Burlap
  • Mod Podge
  • Green Fabric
  • Floral Wire


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These flowers look great as burlap and lace together as well as burlap or lace on their own.  The instructions are basically the same for all 3.

Start by cutting a 3 six petaled flowers from the material you chose.  If you are going to make a burlap and lace flower you will need to cut 3 sets of petals from each.  You will also need a calyx cut from green fabric.  You can download a template for both the petals and calyx under tools.

Cover the petals in Mod PodgeFor the burlap flower, cover all 3 sets of petals with Mod Podge.  For burlap and lace flowers, place 1 set of lace petals on each set of burlap petals.  Cover each set with Mod Podge.  Lace flowers do not need Mod Podge.  We actually tried it to see how they would look and it was weird.  They keep their shape better but they just looked…odd.  I also painted the calyxes with mod podge.

Cutting the Petals

Cut the petals.

Once your petals are dry it’s time to cut them apart. You need to cut the 3 sets of petals to match the petals in this picture.  1 petal from each will be cut at an angle from the spot where it meets the other petal to the just above where it meets the petal on the other side.

On the second set of petals only, you will cut the petal to the right of the one you just cut at an angle.  To cut this petal you will cut a V starting where the petals meet on both sides.

For the third set of petals you will cut a larger V removing 2 petals at once to the right of the petal you cut at an angle.  Take the piece with 2 petals and cut a half circle where the petals come to a point.

Cut the small petals.You will then cut a small triangle out of the top of each of the 2 petals. Round these petals off so you will have a set of 4 small petals.  Take the 1 petal you cut from the second set of petals and cut a triangle from the middle the same way.  You can then round it off to create 2 petals from this one as well, you will also need to cut the point off the bottom to create a quarter circle.

Gluing the Petals

Fold the smallest petal and glue it.

Starting with the single petal (now 2 petals), put a small dot of hot glue at the bottom and fold it together.

Glue the 2 petals around.

For the 2 petal set (now 4 small petals) put a small line of hot glue on one edge and fold it around to form a circle.

Glue the 1 petal into the 2 petals.

Using a small dot of hot glue on the bottom of 1 petal, nest it inside the set of 2 petals.  You don’t want to use too much glue, it will make it harder to push the flower wire through later.

Fold the partial petal behind the others.

Take the second set of petals that has 4.5 petals left and put a dot of glue on the front of the petal that is mostly cut off.  Fold that petal behind the full petal to make another circular set of 4 petals.

Fold petals then glue behind the other petals.

Take the set of petals that only has the one petal that was cut at an angle and bring that cut petal behind the others.  You will fold the cut petal so that the place where it meets the two petals to either side of the cut petal will come together.  Hot glue this down to make a circular set of 5 petals.

Glue the half petal behind the others petals.

Take the third set of petals that has 3.5 petals left and put a dot of glue on the front of the petal that is mostly cut off.  Fold it behind the petal to the right to form a circular set of 3 petals.

4 sets of petals.

You should now have 4 sets of petals. Using a small amount of hot glue for each set of petals nest them inside each other going from smallest to largest. Glue on the side of the petals not the direct bottom.  This will help when you add the floral wire.

Add the Stem

Add the wire through the bottom of the flower.

Push the floral wire up through the bottom of the flower then back down the middle of the flower.  Twist the wire around itself then poke the wire through the calyx and glue it to the bottom of the flower.

You now have a completed flower.  You can mix and match these for the perfect affect for your project.  Burlap and lace flowers along side flowers made with only burlap look great.  In my opinion the lace flowers look best by themselves.  They are much more delicate and don’t balance well with the other two.

I would love to see how your project turns out. Post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

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