DIY Binky Clip Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through making this super easy pacifier clip to keep pacifiers or toys from hitting the floor.

A Binky clip makes the perfect baby shower gift.  These clips work well with a pacifier or toy, like an Oball, to keep them from falling on the floor.  This project is easy but you do have to have the right supplies, some of which are hard to find at your local craft store.

I like to use plastic pacifier clips that I buy on Amazon.  They seem to have fewer tiny parts to break and they look nicer then metal suspender clips.  I always buy clear clips so I don’t have to worry about matching the fabric but you can get them in plenty of colors.

I also buy my snaps on Amazon.  They are much cheaper that way and the snap setter that came with my snaps works way better than the more expensive Dritz version that I hate.

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Binky clip materials.



  • Snap Setter
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Cut 1 strip of the cotton fabric to 2.5” x 11.5” and 1 piece of interfacing to 1” x 10”.  You shouldn’t use super thick interfacing but other that that it doens’t really matter.  I like fusible interfacing but that isn’t necessary either.  You can use whatever you have on hand.

Fold the end and sew.

Fold one end of the cotton fabric over about ¼” and sew it down.  You want the fabric to be wrong sides together.

Fold the fabric long way and sew.

Fold the fabric the long way and sew the right sides together.  You are making a long tube with one end open.  Sew the unsewn end together to close your tube.  You should have at least ¼” seam allowance.  This will be washed a lot so you want to make sure that the fabric has room to shrink without pulling the seam apart.

Iron the interfacing in.

Iron the interfacing into place.  You want the interfacing to go up to the fold in the fabric.

Turn the tube right side out making sure to poke the corners of the finished end out.

Fold the fabric over the clip once and sew.

Thread the end of the fabric tube that is open through the plastic pacifier clip, fold it over once and sew it down.  I like to sew over this a few times.

Attach the snaps.

Use your snap setter to attach a snap to the end opposite of the plastic pacifier clip.  Attach the other half of the snap about 2” from the first snap.  The first snap should be a little over a ¼” from the end.  These numbers are approximate, you can change them to match the pattern of your fabric.  Just make sure that when snapped together you will have enough space to fit the ring of a pacifier. It doesn’t matter which half of the snap you use first but make sure that the finished sides of the snap are on the same side of the fabric.

I like to have the working part of the snaps on the same side as the folded fabric for the plastic pacifier clip.  I also attach the plastic pacifier clip with the pull tab on opposite side from the fold where you attach it.  This is probably backwards but it looks nice and the part you will use to attach it to something will be easy to reach.

DIY Binky Clips

Your binky clip is now ready for action.  I like to make a bunch of these at a time so I have them on hand when someone is going to have a baby.  Combine it with a set of binkys, an Oball, and baby blanket for the perfect gift.

I would love to see how your project turns out. Post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

DIY Binky Clip Tutorial

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