Christmas Tree Kitchen Towel Tutorial

Christmas Tree Kitchen Towel Tutorial

This towel is a variation of the towels I use year-round.  I love that I can easily hang it and it won’t fall on the floor when you walk past it.  They also aren’t hard to make and it gives you an excuse to go to the fabric store.

For the Christmas version of this towel I decided to up my game a little and added some decorative stitches for garland using Sulky thread I had on hand.  Metallic or variegated thread would look nice as well.  Most sewing machines have some kind of decorative stitches but this could also be done by hand if you don’t have one you like.

The decorative fabric on the towel is optional.  If you already have a towel you like you don’t need it but it is super cute and adds a little character to the towel.

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Christmas Tree Kitchen Towel MaterialsMaterials:


  • Basic Sewing Supplies
Fat Quarter Shop Quilting Fabrics and Supplies



Cut your towel in half.  You don’t need the extra length and this way you can get two towels out of it.  You want to lay it out to see which side is the shortest.  Cut it parallel to the short sides.

The rest of this section is optional but I couldn’t find a towel I liked.  This step was added after I found the cutest fabric at the fabric store while looking for green fabric.  ;If you have a towel you like and you would rather not add the strip of decorative fabric then just cut your towel in half and move on to the Christmas tree section.

For those of us who are easily distracted at the fabric store we will move on to the decorative fabric.  Cut your fabric longer than the length of your towel.  Measure your towel from the one finished edge to the other finished edge.  We are going to rip out the seam so we can sew it all the way to the end and then sew the seam back up.  You want to make sure your fabric is long enough.  You will also need to make sure you give yourself room for seams on the top and bottom of your design.  I added a half inch to the design on the top and bottom.  This all depends on the fabric you picked.

Using your handy seam ripper, rip out the seams on the sides of the towel.  I ripped out a section slightly larger than my strip of decorative fabric.

Press the top and bottom of your fabric strip for about a half in seam.   You can add or subtract a little to make sure your design is centered.

Pin your fabric to the towel.

Pin your fabric to the towel an inch or two from finished edge.  Once again this will depend on your towel and the size of the fabric strip.  Place it where you think it looks best.

Cut the decorative strip to the towel.

Sew the entire fabric strip down.  Cut the strip of decorative fabric to the sides of the fabric.

Fold the towel seams back into places, pin, and sew closed.

Christmas Tree

Using the template found in the materials list, cut 2 trees from your green fabric and one from the interfacing.

Iron the interfacing onto one side of your Christmas tree.

Add garland using speciality stitches on your sewing machine.

Now we’re going to add the garland to the tree.  Find a stitch on your sewing machine that you like.  also used red and gold Sulky thread with a really nice shine.  This isn’t necessary but I had it on hand and it gave the garland a nice pop.

Mark where you would like the garland to go with your favorite fabric marker or chalk.  You want to go up your tree in a zig zag pattern with a little curve to make it look like your garland is draped over the tree.

Sew your decorative stitches along the lines you just drew.  Both sides of the tree will need garland.

Going back to the normal stitches, sew the two pieces of your tree together right sides together with a ¼ in seam.  You want to do this after you have added the garland so you can add buttons that won’t show through the back.  It also helps when you go to add the towel in a few steps.

Add a button hole to the top of the tree about 1.5 in from the point of the tree.

Add buttons.

Fold the tree over where you like it and mark where the button would go under the button hole.  You want to make sure there will be enough room for the tree to loop over what ever you will hang it from.  You also don’t want to fold it over too far so that the point will go over the towel.

Sew your main button on being careful not to sew through the second fabric.  This should be a fairly large decorative button that can be used.  I like round buttons for this though it doesn’t matter as long as they are easy to use.  Next you can add decorative button to add ornaments to your tree.  This isn’t necessary but it looks cute.

Sew the seam along the bottom of the tree attachignt he towel.

Press the bottom of your tree up approximately a ½ in all the way around.  Put the non-finished edge of your towel into the bottom of the tree. It should go in at least a ½ in.  Sew along the bottom of your tree with a ¼ in seam using coordinating thread.

You now have a completed towel. This project is great way to add some holiday spirit to your own kitchen or to give as a gift. I always have some variation of this towel in my kitchen though usually not this festive.

I would love to see how your project turns out. Post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter with #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

Christmas Tree Kitchen Towel Tutorial

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