4 Polymer Clay Accessories to Make Ahead

Sometimes it’s useful to have accessories pre-made before you start a new polymer clay project.  It helps when you want to place an object in a character’s hand or mouth.  You can easily wrap the malleable clay around a pre-baked item because it’s hard and keeps it shape.  Candy Canes and Cookies are much easier to have pre-made for this reason

It can also be easier to make things in large batches rather than one at a time.  Things you make in canes or with glitter are much easier to make ahead of time for this reason.  You can make a cane of peppermints, bake them, and have plenty on hand for future projects.  This is also nice for gumdrops.  That way you can add glitter without worrying about it getting all over your project.

In this tutorial I will walk you through the 4 things I always have on hand for making Christmas projects.  Candy canes, gumdrops, Cookies, and peppermints.  This post has also made me wish I had a snowflake cutter.  Snowflakes would be another great accessory to make ahead.  Alas, I do not have anything to make snowflakes and couldn’t find anything with a quick search online so we will have to do without.
4 Polymer Clay Accessories to Make Ahead Materials


  • Clay
  • Fine Glitter


  • Tiny Cookie Cutters
  • Needle Tool
  • Roller
  • Basic Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer Clay Accessories Instructions:


Candy Canes

Roll the colors you want in your candy canes into long long skinny snakes.  I used Premo Red, Green, and White Pearl for one set of candy canes and Premo Red and White Pearl for the other.

Twist the snakes around each other and combine into one snake.  Roll it to make it longer and smooth it out.  If you like the look stop here, this is where I stopped for the red, green, and white candy canes.  If you would like your stripe sized to be more varied, fold the long snake in half and twist again.  I did this twice to the red and white candy cane.  I like both looks so I keep a few of each on hand.

Once you are happy with the stripes cut your snake into smaller pieces.  I like to have a variety of sizes so I can pick the best one for a given project.  Curve the top of each to make the cake.  I usually leave a few straight as well.

Gumdrops StepsGumdrops

Roll tiny balls of each color you would like for your gumdrop.  I used Premo Pearl Red, Premo Pearl Green, and Premo Accents 18K Gold.  The balls should be roughly the same size.  Pinch the top of each and flatten the bottom.

Roll each in glitter to cover and place on your baking surface.

Cookie Steps


This one will require a little hunting.  Check out your local craft store and see if you can find miniature Christmas cookie cutters.  The ones I have are decorations, they were not meant to be used to cut anything.  Try looking in the Christmas section where they have ornaments for tiny trees or a store with miniature doll house accessories.

For the gingerbread men, roll light brown clay out to about 1/16” thick.  Press your cookie cutter into the clay.  Pull the clay out of the cookie cutter and smooth the edges.

Roll 2 tiny balls of red clay and add them to your gingerbread man as buttons.

For the sugar cookie dough, roll tan clay out into a sheet about 1/16” thick.  I used Premo Ecru clay.  Then roll out the color for your icing to about 1/16” thick again.  I used Premo Pearl Red and Green for the icing this time.

Use your cookies cutter to cut a cookie from both the dough and the icing.  You will then need to cut the icing down so it’s smaller then the dough.  Use a clay blade or knife to cut it down.  Smooth the edges of the dough and icing. Place the icing on top of the dough then place the cookie on your baking surface.

Pepermint Steps


I made a cane for the peppermints.  Roll 3 long skinny snakes of red and 4 long skinny snakes of white.  I use Premo Pearl Red and White.  Once I had completed the project, I realized that they actually look better with non-pearl red and white.  The pearl white looks almost translucent once baked and it doesn’t look as good.  I will still use the peppermints I have but I won’t make them with Pearl white again.

With a white snake in the middle add snakes around it, alternating colors, until your have used all of the snakes.

Roll it to compress them together.  Be careful not to roll it too hard and distort your cane.  Once you are happy with it use your blade to cut slices of clay from the end.  Roll each a little to make sure you have circles.  Place on your baking surface.



Bake according to the directions for the clay you are using.  None of these should take long to bake.  If you are going to use these for a project on the same day you created them make sure to cool them completely.

You are now ready to make a polymer clay character with your accessories.  I just make a bunch of these at once so I always have a bunch on hand.  I wouldn’t want to have to stop to make candy canes in the middle of a project.

What accessories do you like to make ahead to have on hand while your working?

4 Polymer Clay Accessories to Make Ahead-Christmas Addition

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