3 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Odd Spaces

Christmas decorating ideas for those weird places in your house. Banisters, over the cabinets, and large windows.

We have 3 places in our house that are a little different than anything I’ve had to decorate for in the past in the apartments I’ve lived in.  I found a few creative ways to add Christmas decorations to those odd spaces and add some flair to each for the holidays.

Last year on Black Friday I found garland from Michael’s for really cheap.  Any garland will do but I used 5 strands of it so it was nice to get it for cheap.  I also bought 5 strands of 100 light white Christmas lights to wrap around the garland.  I used white lights, I think it looks classier and the colored lights would make it too busy.

Most of the rest of the decorations I used have been collected over the years so I didn’t need to buy anything.  I’ve never really had a great place to display most of my Christmas decorations so having a few odd spaces worked out nicely.

Banister Christmas DecorationsBanister

We have a super weird banister in our house that separates the hallway from the living room.  I can see no real purpose for it but my husband likes it so it’s still there.  To hide the fact that we have a completely pointless banister I covered it in garland and ornaments.

Take two strands of 9 ft garland, attach them in the middle, and wind two strands of 100 lights around them.  If you are doing this on a stair case you will probably need a lot more garland.  It will take more garland then you think it will once you started looping it around the banister.  Use about 100 lights per 9 ft of garland.

Starting with the end where you would like the garland to go to the floor, wrap it around the banister and then around itself.  This will help keep it from coming undone.  Then wrap the garland around and up the banister.  Depending on how much garland you have you can wrap it through each section or every other section.  I had to go with every other.  Make sure you end up with the plug near the electrical outlet.

When we bought the house, the banister had nails between most of the wooden rungs.  I added push pins in the others.  We have 2 wooden slates that hide the nails, you may need to get creative with a different type of banister.

Using fishing line, string each bulb at a different length. Loop the string around the nail or push pin.  If you cannot add the nail or push pin, try tying the string around the banister or hooking it to the garland.  This would probably help with playful kittens or kids.  Now that I think about it, I may need to try this next year.

Nutcrackers Over CabinetsCabinets

We also have an odd space above the cabinets that I never know what to do with.  Most of the year it’s where I keep my lunch box but I wanted to spruce it up a bit for Christmas so I came up with these.

Take one 9 ft strand of garland and wrap it with a strand of 100 lights.  Your cabinets may need more or less garland depending on how big your kitchen is.  My kitchen is tiny so I only needed one strand of garland per set of cabinets.  Starting with the end near the outlet, run the garland across the top of the cabinets.

You could leave it like this or you could use it to display some of the decorations you have nowhere to put.  I have a lot of nutcrackers so I set them up on one set of cabinets, alternating between big and small nutcrackers.  The small nutcrackers are on boxes that are hidden by the garland.

Village Over Cabinets

I set up my Christmas village for the other side of the kitchen.  This one is a little more challenging because you want to be able to see all of the buildings and characters from the ground.  Everything on this side is on boxes to prop them up.  I use a lot of the boxes and Styrofoam from the village packaging.  Each building in the village needs to be plugged in so I set up a surge protector that I plug the lights and the village into.

Fluff up your garland to hide the boxes.

Window Christmas DecorationsWindow

Wrap the lights around the garland.  It should take one 100 light string to cover one 9 ft section of Garland.

I hung these up with Command hooks.  Make sure you get something that can handle some weight.  Last year it fell down 3 times.  This year I used 5 command hooks that each hold 5 pounds.  Probably overkill but I’m not messing with it once it’s up.  I spaced the command hooks evenly right above the window.  I started with the middle and went out from there.  Make sure the hooks on each end are at the very end of the window.

Make sure to hang the garland with the plug near your electrical outlet.  You may be seeing a pattern with this, I may have accidentally started on the wrong end once and had to rehang the garland going the other direction.  Learn from mistakes, always check the location of the outlet.

Fold the garland in half to find the middle and hang it on the middle hook.  Hang the rest of the garland from the remaining hooks and bend the ends to drape down the sides of the window.

Ruffle up the garland to give it some depth and hide the command hooks.

Attach the bow to the middle of the garland where the center command hook is.  I used the large twist tie that attached the bow to its original packaging.  It worked great.

Cat with banister lights

Plug all of your lights on and admire your work.  I have mine set up on a remote so I can push 3 buttons and all of the lights turn on.  This is especially helpful if your lights are plugged into an outlet that is hard to reach.

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