2019 Miss Maker Happy Planner Review

This review goes over the 2019 Miss Maker Happy Planner. I will talk about the planner itself and the accessories you can get to coordinate with this planner.

I bought the 2019 Miss Maker Happy Planner a few weeks ago and I cannot wait to start using it.  For 2018 I have a mini happy planner but I am so much more excited about the Miss Maker.  I am planning on using it as both a normal life planner and as my blog organizer.  My plan will probably change throughout the year but that is plan currently.

The ability to change things up is what I love about Happy Planners.  You can customize them to what you need and what works for your life, even if that changes every 2 months.

Happy Planners are made by me and my BIG ideas or MAMBI for short.  They make a variety of planners in different sizes, styles, and patterns so you can find what will work for your life.  They also sell accessories to match the planners so you can easily find coordinating washi tape and stickers.

The 2019 Miss Maker Planner

Miss Maker Classic Planner CoverMAMBI released 1 mini and 2 classic size Miss Maker Planners for 2019.  These all have a checklist layout and metal discs.  The entire planner has a cohesive color scheme and an overall crafty theme.

I bought the classic size planner with the white cover.  I love all of the craft supplies on the front.  The planner itself is the same for both classic size Miss Maker planners so you can get the cover you like.

The classic size planner won’t fit in most purses.  If you want a planner that will fit in your purse you may need to go with the mini.  Over the last year with the mini size planner I found that I needed more room and it was a little heavy in my purse anyway.  I stopped carrying it with me.

Miss Maker DashboardEach month opens with a dashboard where you can write down your top 5 priorities, any special projects you have going on, along with a place for lists and reasons to celebrate.  The other side is your monthly divider.  Each divider has a laminated tab for the month.  Most of them also have crafty saying like Makers Gonna Make or I Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter.

Miss Maker Month at a GlanceNext comes the Month at a Glance view.  This is a pretty typical monthly calendar with a side bar for notes on the side.  I do like the pencil above the notes though.  It also has stitching printed on the page where the discs are.  This is a little hard to see in the picture but it is super cute and perfect for this planner.

Miss Maker Weekly LayoutThe weekly layout is set up with what MAMBI calls a checklist layout.  The classic versions has a vertical layout with a checklist section in the middle of each day.  This is how I use my planner anyway so I think this will work really well for me.

The top box has a dot grid with a title that says Daily Doodles & Bright Ideas.  This section will be great for drawing ideas for crafts, random drawings, or covering with stickers.

The middle box of course is the checklist section with a title that says To-Do’s.  The bottom box is a blank box with a title that says Plan On It.  Another great place to add stickers. I made a few stickers specifically for blogging that I think will go well here.

On the left-hand side, you have another sidebar titled This Week’s Priorities.  I love the craft supplies and saying all over this layout.  Each week is a little different with washi tape, painting supplies, a craft cart, and planner supplies repeating. The right-hand side has a place to write down your weekly goal.

Miss Maker Eaxtras TabThere is a divider labeled Extras at the back of the planner.  It has multicolored stitching lines.  The other side is a really cute note page with a grid.  This is the only page in the planner with this note page which is a little sad.

Miss Maker Project SheetInstead of note pages in the back this planner comes with project pages.  I do really like these project pages.  I will use this for bigger projects.  These sheets have a section for supplies, a shopping list, sketches, pictures, and project notes.  The blog post design pages I use are actually a scaled down version of this so I do really think these would be useful.

Miss Maker Planner Accessories

This planner has plenty of coordinating accessories to personalize your planner.  Due to budgetary constraints I only bought 4 of the accessories though I may go back for something else later if I think I would use it.  The nice thing about these accessories is that they can be used in other planners so you can use them in your favorite planner or even into the next year.

Miss Maker WashiI am not a washi tape fanatic but this set is incredibly cute.  I will admit that the tiny scissors are the reason these came home with me.  Washi tape isn’t something I have ever used in a planner before so I’m excited to use these.  This set came with tape that says Plan A Happy Life, gold dots, multicolored happy planner discs, purples scallops, White x stitching on blue, multicolored stripes, and multicolored scissors.  The colors in this washi set match the planner so you can make coordinating page layouts.

Miss Maker Sticky NotesThese sticky notes come on a piece of pre-punched cardboard that you can keep right in your planner.  The glue goes almost to the bottom of each sticky note. I thought they would have the strip of adhesive at the top like Post It Notes so this was a pleasant surprise.  These will come in handy for things like shopping lists. I really like that they attach to the planner so you can always find a sticky note.

Miss Maker DashboardI also bought a pack of dashboards.  These will be useful for dividing the back of my planner into the sections I’m planning to create for blogging. I will probably print labels for these.  I really like that the tab is at the top of each dashboard.  The monthly dividers have tabs on the side, the difference will help separate the two and make them easier to grab.

These can also be used to mark your place so you can quickly open up to the week you are on. They call the shorter one a bookmark.Miss Maker Sticker Book

I bought the Miss Maker Value Sticker Pack.  This comes in the mini size and normal.  I bought the normal size.  The stickers are made to fit the specific size Happy Planners.  If you buy the mini Happy Planner then you should buy the mini sticker pack, if you buy the classic then you should get the normal size sticker pack.

Miss Maker StickersThis Classic size sticker pack comes with 597 craft themed stickers. It comes with crafty sayings, craft supplies, weekend crafting stickers. It also has what seems to be the traditional frames for writing titles and boxes that say things like To Do or Important that come in all of the packs.  This is the first time I’ve bought a sticker book.  I need to know that I will use most of the stickers in the book for me to splurge on it.  I definitely feel like these stickers will get used.

MAMBI has accessories that are specific for the classic or mini planner.  These accessories have the same function and style but they are slightly different.  Each size has a different sticky note tab, sticker book, and dashboard set similar to the ones above.  They also have pocket folders, full size note paper, and half sheet note paper.  The snap-in pen case only fits the classic size planner.

They also have accessories that fit both of the planner sizes.  The envelopes and adhesive pockets are great alternatives for things like receipts if the envelopes don’t fit your style.  The paper clips and bookmarks would be a great way to help mark your place in the planner.  They sell a pen holder that sticks to the cover of your planner so you can always find your pen.  They also have a stamp set that perfectly works with this planner.  If you do not want to buy the sticker value pack, they do sell a mini stickers pad and a multi accessories pack with stickers as well.  They even sell accessories to dress up your planner like snap-in inspiration cards, planner patches, and enamel pins.

For me this was a great purchase but planners are very personal. What works for me may not work for you.  If this planner wasn’t your style take a look at the Supermom, Healthy Hero, Socialite, or Faith Warrior planners.  I really liked the layout for the mini Supermom planners which they called a dashboard layout. The dashboard layout would have been a much better weekly layout for me this year but it won’t work for my plan for 2019.

Let me know what you think below or post pictures of your favorite weekly layouts on Instagram #boutsofspontaneouscrafting

2019 Miss Maker Happy Planner Review

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    1. You’re welcome. I love this planner, I’m super excited to use it. I think the tiny scissors in the washi take are my favorite part.

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