Reusable Duster and Sweeper Refill Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through making reusable refills for your Swiffer duster and Swiffer sweeper. These are incredibly fast and east to make.

Duster and Sweeper refills can get expensive fairly quickly and I always feel bad when I just throw them out.  To help save some money I made washable refills for my duster and sweeper.  These are incredibly easy and shouldn’t take more than a half hour to make 1 of each though I do like to have a few on hand.

If you have left over fleece from a previous project, they can also be free.  Not only are you cleaning out your stash but you’re saving money on cleaning supplies.  More money for the important things in life, like crafting supplies.

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Duster and Sweeper Refill Materials


  • Fleece
  • Thread


Fat Quarter Shop Quilting Fabrics and Supplies


Duster Refill

Use the template to cut the fleece.

Using the template found in the Materials section above, cut 3 of the larger shape and 1 of the smaller shape out of the fleece.  You can also do this by tracing one of the original refills that came with your duster. 

I use scrap fleece from past projects for these so they tend to end up multi colored.  You can do them all the same color or mix it up.

Cut 1.24” from the bottom of one of the 3 larger pieces.  Layer the 3 large piece one on top of the other with the shortened piece on top.  They should all be lined up with the round parts together.

Trace the duster.

Place your duster handle on top of the fleece and trace around the tines with your fabric marking tool.  Trace it just a little away from the actual plastic.  This will be your sewing line and you don’t want it to be too tight.  The template also has the sewing lines in case you don’t have the handle with you.

It’s really hard to write on fleece so I like to use a Sharpie or a Frixion Erasable pen.  The ink in the erasable pen disappears when heated.  The ink does come back when it gets cold so keep that in mind when you use it.  For this project I don’t really care if you can see the ink but if you do, try another product. 

Sew the 3 large pieces together sewing on the lines you just drew.

Flip your duster over and add the small piece in the middle.  It should line up with the straight edge of your duster.  Sew the small piece to the others by sewing directly up the middle of the small piece.


Cut 1.5” lines through the 3 large pieces going around the outside of your duster.  Cut lines through the small piece up to the sewing line.  Don’t cut along the straight edge at the bottom for any of the fleece pieces.

This slips onto your duster handle the same way you would attach the disposable refills.

Sweeper Refill

Attach the fleece to your sweeperCut a 13” x 9” piece of fleece.  Make 1.5” cuts along both 9” sides.  And…your done.  This one doesn’t take much.  You use it by pushing the fabric into the 4 holes on the sweeper handle.

You’re now ready to clean the house.  Yay?  If you’re anything like me you’re making these instead of cleaning and now you’re going to need another project.I would love to see how your project turns out.  Post pictures to Instagram #boutsofspontaneouscrafting.


Reusable Duster and Sweeper Refill Tutorial


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