Craft Kit Review-Dimensions Learn-A-Craft Felt Applique

This kit is a cute way to teach sewing by hand in a way that isn't overwhelming. It includes clear instructions with easy to achieve results.

Where To Buy:

Amazon, Joann, Michaels

Extra Tools Needed:

  • Scissors

Craft Kit Materials

Felt Applique Kit Review

I bought a Dimensions Learn-A-Craft Felt Applique kit from Amazon for myself and two of my friends from work.  I bought the Little Hedgehog, Little Fox, and the Llama kits.  Over lunch we worked on our projects and we had  great time.

It took me about an hour and a half, over two days to finish the Little Hedgehog kit.  We were also talking and having a good time so this could probably be done much more quickly.  These kits are designed to teach a beginner how to applique so I think an actual beginner would get more craft time out of the project.  The kit doesn’t really have any recraft ability but it did make me want to design my own felt applique wall art.

Craft Kit in progress

The felt pieces come precut with holes that show you where to stitch them to the main fabric. The instructions include pictures and teach the basics including threading the needle, straight stitch, and back stitch. Though it would still be helpful to have someone to show you how to start and end the thread I thought the instructions were pretty good.

I did think it was odd that the instructions had you put the project in the embroidery hoop after completing the project. Though this project doesn’t really need the hoop it would be better to teach beginners to use it correctly. It may help them with their next project. We of course were not reading the instructions and didn’t notice, so we used the embroidery hoop anyway.

I thought this kit was a great introduction to sewing.  The project was easy to complete and even beginners should end up with something to fun to hang on the wall at the end.  This would be a good way to build confidence while getting a finished product before boredom sets in.  I learned to sew with embroidery designs when I was little.  They took much longer to complete and I didn’t always have the attention span necessary.

For adults who have never tried sewing by hand, this would be a cute way to learn.  This may lead to addiction and you will want another project pretty quickly.  The package says 8 and up and the parent in our group said that the age range seems about right.  I don’t have kids so I would say use your best judgement with your kids.  Every kid is different.

Completed Project

I hung the Little Hedgehog up in my cubicle to add a little color to the boring tan walls.  I am thinking about coming up with my own designs for the walls in my craft room.  This room is in serious need of some art work.

Overall I would give this project an 8 out of 10.  I really had a good time playing with it and I love how it brightens up my cubicle.  This is a great craft for beginners and for serious crafters looking for a cute decoration for their walls.

If you have tried this kit, what did you think?

This kit is a cute way to teach sewing by hand in a way that isn't overwhelming.  It includes clear instructions with easy to achieve results.

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