Simple Baby Blanket Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through making a baby blanket with a quilt top, a panel, or just using a basic printed fabric.

Baby blankets make great baby shower gifts and they are a lot easier to make than you would think.  This tutorial will walk you through making a baby blanket with a quilt top, a panel, or just using a basic printed fabric.

I will admit that I buy the cheater panels all the time.  A panel is a piece of fabric that you buy that already looks like a finished product.  You can buy some really cute panels, some of them even have minky and flannel applique.  Applique is an area I’m working on but I’m not really there yet.  The panels are a great option until I have mastered applique.

Baby blankets are generally 36”-45” x 45”-54”.  It’s a pretty wide range.  After you have picked out or made the top for your baby blanket you just need to pick out the fabric for the back.  You can use cotton but I like to use flannel or minky.  Minky can be a little messy to work with but it’s incredibly soft.  I always use minky for baby blankets, but it is a personal preference.

I don’t usually use batting for baby blankets.  Minky and flannel are both pretty warm so they don’t need it.  Cut the backing fabric to be a few inches bigger than your top fabric on each side.

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Baby Blanket MaterialsMaterials:

  • Baby Blanket Top
  • Flannel or Minky Fabric
  • Double Fold Bias Tape
  • Quilt Basting Spray (Optional)


  • Basic Sewing Supplies
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Baby Blanket Instructions:

For this baby blanket I used a quilt top I had in my unfinished project cabinet.  The fabric is from the Let it Bee collection by Shelly Comiskey sold by Henry Glass.  I used left over green and pink minky to piece the back together.

Fabric Prep

Make sure you don’t have any wrinkles in your fabric.  For cotton or flannel you can just iron it.  For minky throw it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes.

Cut the backing fabric to size.Lay your backing fabric out with the wrong side up and smooth out the wrinkles.  Lay your top fabric out with the right side up and smooth out the wrinkles.  Use the top fabric as your guide to cut the backing fabric to size.  This process is easiest with a rotary cutter, mat, and quilting ruler but they are not necessary.

Quilt with bastign spray.This project doesn’t have interfacing so you don’t need to use basting spray if you don’t want to.  It makes the blanket a little easier to work with but if you don’t have it or don’t want to use it skip this part.

Once again lay your backing fabric out on a flat surface so you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric.  Smooth it out and lay the top fabric on top with the wrong side facing up.

Smooth the top fabric out as well, then spray your quilt basting spray over the entire top fabric.  Read the instructions on your basting spray.  For mine I had to wait 3-5 minutes before I could flip the fabric over.  Once it’s ready, flip your top fabric over and smooth the fabric out.


Binding attached with a different stitch.It’s now ready for binding.  You have a few options here as well.  You can either use bias tape or bind it with the backing fabric.  I have always been told not to use the backing fabric for the binding because when the binding gets worn out you will need to cut it off.  This is true, but now that I have had the binding of a quilt die on me, I know that you will need to cut it off anyway.  You can then just rebind it.   Do what makes you happy.

One thing to take into consideration is that minky can be hard to work with.  It’s really soft and amazing as a binding, I will never do it again.  The one time I used a cuddle fabric like minky for the binding I couldn’t see where I was sewing and it led to a lot of frustration. Hours and hours of frustration.  I usually just buy cotton bias tape, it makes my life easier even if it isn’t amazing and fluffy.

Bind the quilt with your chosen bias tape.  Check out my bias tape tutorial to see how to attach it.

And you’re done.  It’s a pretty simple project that will really impress everyone at the baby shower.  Baby’s can never have too many blankets and they are fun to make.

I would love to see how your baby blanket turns out using this tutorial.  Post pictures to Instagram

This tutorial will walk you through making a baby blanket with a quilt top, a panel, or just using a basic printed fabric.

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