Fiskars PowerCut Shears vs. Fiskars Classic Scissors

How do Fiskars PowerCut shears compare to their classic scissors? I'll answer that question through an epic battle to see how they cut different materials.

Fiskars sent me a pair of 8” PowerCut scissors to play with this week so naturally I thought I would let them battle against a pair of normal scissors.  Luckily, I bought my husband a new pair of scissors this weekend so I had 2 brand new pairs of scissors to use for my epic scissor battle.

Fiskars 8” PowerCut Shears

PowerCut shears with shealth.These have a curved blade with teeth, soft grip handles, and they come with a sheath.  According to the Fiskars website these have 2X more cutting power due to their curved blade.  They also say that it powers through thick materials like cardboard, cork, decorative metals, and leather.  Sadly, I don’t have any cork, metal, or leather but I’m sure I can find something around here to cut to shreds.

Fiskars 8” Bent Designer ScissorsBent design scissors

These are pretty much your normal Fiskars scissors with a fun pattern so they don’t get confused with my fabric scissors.  According to the Fiskars website these have a lasting sharp edge and the bent handle helps keep your material flat for mistake free cutting.  They suggest these scissors for cutting denim, silk, and multiple layers of fabric.  Once again, I don’t have denim or silk so at least they will be on equal footing cutting things outside of their comfort zone.  I am not cutting up my jeans for this experiment…good try.

Now that we have our scissors, we just need something to cut.   After wandering around my house, I found plenty of fabric, template plastic, foam, cardboard, and carpet.  Why wouldn’t I be cutting carpet with scissors?

Cotton and Minky Fabric

Classic-As expected, the fabric scissors cut the cotton fabric like a dream.  The long straight blade gives you great control with both straight and curved cuts.

Powercut- The rounded shape of the blade made cotton fabric more difficult to cut.  The rounded blade pushed the fabric away while it cut through the fabric.  This was more of an issue closer to the tip.  It actually handled cutting a curve better than it did straight cuts, though it still didn’t handle them as well as the classic scissors did.


Both scissors handled microfiber fabric about the same.  The PowerCut scissors had more problems at the tip due to the curve of the blade.

Template Plastic

Classic- A single layer of template plastic gave these scissors a little trouble, about half way through the cut they lost power.  The did not handle curves well at all and I ended up with a choppy curve.

PowerCut- Template plastic gave these scissors no problem, they cut almost all the way to the tip before they had any problems at all.  The teeth on the blade grabbed the plastic giving you great control.  They also handled curves really well, once again thanks to the teeth.

Duck Cloth

Classic-One layer of duck cloth was no problem for these scissors.  I was able to cut 3 layers easily. though 4 was starting to be a bit much. They lost some control when cutting around curves.

PowerCut- These were also able to cut through 3 layers of duck cloth with no problem though 4 layers was starting to get a bit tough.  Once again, I thought that the fabric scissors had more control with curves than the PowerCut scissors though they both handled straight cuts on the duck cloth fine.  The PowerCut scissors had more control when making curved cuts on duck cloth then they did on cotton fabric.

Thin Foam

Both scissors handled thin foam with absolutely no problem and no difference between the two scissors.


Classic- This did not go well at all.  These scissors cut the carpet in tiny cuts to hack away at it.  I didn’t even try curves.

PowerCut- Carpet gave the PowerCut scissor no problems at all.  They cut the carpet all the way to the end of the blade.  They also handled curves well, though they started to lose control at the tip of the blade when going around curves.

Cardboard-Amazon box.

Classic- As you would expect these had a really hard time with cardboard.  They had no control and you couldn’t use the entire blade to cut.  They handled curves even worse.

PowerCut- These handled the cardboard with no problem.  They cut all the way to the end of the blade with no issues and had great control with curves.

Just for fun I tried cutting the cardboard with a box cutter to see the difference.  I’ve had the box cutter for a few months without changing the blade but it’s only really used to open Amazon boxes so the blade is still sharp.  I would say that the box cutter and the PowerCut scissors cut through the cardboard equally well.  The difference is that with the scissors you have control, not something you can get with a box cutter.  Not a big deal for opening Amazon boxes but it would make a difference if you are trying to cut a shape.


Scissors surronded by pieces of material.These are both great scissors but for different materials.

The Bent Designer Scissors (Classic) were great for fabric.  They cut cotton, minky, and duck cloth like they were nothing, but had problems with anything thicker.

The PowerCut scissors didn’t handle the thin materials well at all but cut through the thicker fabrics really well.  The shape of the PowerCut scissors hurts them with thin fabric but makes a huge difference for thicker materials.

So, if you are looking for a good pair of fabric scissors, I would go with the Bent Designer Scissors or the Original Orange-handled scissors.  I believe they are the same with different colored handles though I could be wrong.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a good pair of general-purpose scissors then I would go with the PowerCut scissors.  I won’t use my fabric scissors with other materials anyway so I need two pairs of scissors either way.

I probably shouldn’t share these results with my husband.  I’m pretty sure he has no intention of cutting fabric with his scissors and he’ll steal my new toy.  What if I find decorative metal or cork and I need to test them out, no, better not tell him I bought him inferior scissors.

If you try these scissors let me know how it went in the comments below, especially if you cut a material I didn’t have to test.

How do Fiskars PowerCut shears compare to their classic scissors?  I'll answer that question through an epic battle to see how they cut different materials.

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