Fiskars Original Craft Rotary Paper Trimmer Review

This trimmer is a great addition to your paper crafting tools. Let's talk about the trimmer, how to use it, and how to change the blades.

Fiskars recently sent me the Original Craft Rotary Paper Trimmer to review.  My aunt already had one so I went to her house to learn how to use it and play.  We made cards all day and the trimmer got quite a work out.

This trimmer is easy to use and comes with handy features.  The main part of the trimmer has a ruler and grid that helps when lining your paper up for cutting.  It also has a cutting bar that slides into place, holding the paper down.  The blade slides down the cutting bar so you don’t have the large hinged blade that scares the crap out of me.  I hate those paper trimmers.

There are 2 compartments in the corners of the trimmer to hold extra rotary blades. The paper trimmer comes with a 45mm straight blade but Fiskars also sells a variety of other blades:

45mm blade Style B

  • Scoring
  • Pinking
  • Victorian

Tip:  If you don’t have a scoring blade you can use a mechanical pencil with no lead.  Just run the pencil down the cutting rail.  This is not where the blade normally cuts so you will need to adjust to make sure the paper is in the right place.  This will ruin your pencil so make sure you pick one you won’t be using anymore.


Cutting Paper

To use your trimmer just lift the cutting rail and slide your paper underneath.  Line your paper up where you would like it with the ruler.  If you need to make a 5in cut for instance, line the paper up with the 5in line on the ruler and lock the paper in place with the cutting bar.  To cut the paper put a little pressure on the orange blade cover and slide it down the cutting rail.

Changing the Blade

Orange blade cover and nut.

To change the blade, lift the cutting rail up.  Remove the nut from the outside of the blade.  Then twist the orange blade cover slightly to the left it will snap and you will be able to remove it.  You will need to apply pressure to get it off.  Now you can remove the blade and add the new one.  The blade cover should snap back into place and you can put the nut back on.

I like that this trimmer because it is stable on the table and doesn’t feel flimsy like some other trimmers.  I don’t want to feel like the tool is sliding when working with rotary blades.  You won’t have that problem with this trimmer.  I also feel like this trimmer is safer then some of the others I have tried in the past.  I’m a bit accident prone so this is important to me.

I really think I will get a lot of use out of this paper trimmer.  My plan is to make birthday cards for my family this year so I see plenty of work for this trimmer in the future.

This trimmer is a great addition to your paper crafting tools. Let's talk about the trimmer, how to use it, and how to change the blades.

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