Craft Kit Review American Crafts Pour Paint Starter Kit

This pour painting starter kit is a lot of fun and a great introduction to pour painting. We had a great time with this project and plan on trying it again.

I bought this pour paint starter kit (not an affiliate) from Joann Fabrics.  Pour Painting has been all over Pinterest for quite a while and I’ve been wanting to try it.  I convinced my husband he wanted to try it as well and we had a great time.  What’s not to like about a craft where the entire point is to make a huge mess?

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Pourkit materials.

Extra Tools Needed:

  • Extra Plastic Cups
  • Extra canvases


Pour painting takes hardly anytime at all, clean up and set up took up most of the maybe hour we spent on this.  The 1 tip I will throw out there that we didn’t think about was to have a place to put the paintings where your pets can’t get to them. We realized at the last minute that this would be a problem and had to move them. Moving them without dripping paint on the floors was hard, though also entertaining.

Though the kit comes with almost everything you need, extra plastic cups and canvases may come in handy. The plastic cups are small so you really need at least one bigger one.  This kit comes with 9 premixed paints, silicone gel, 10 little plastic cups, pop cycle sticks, 1 canvas, gloves, and a drop cloth.

The kit also came with an instruction booklet.  The booklet gives you the general idea of what to do but it doesn’t give you any idea how much paint to use.  We ended up wasting paint and 2 canvases that didn’t turn out. This is the only downside I see to this kit.  You should do some research to find out how much paint to use.

For this project we added a single color of paint to each of 4 cups.  Make sure they are colors that would look nice together.  My first was a complete an utter failure.  You can add a few drops of the silicone gel but this is not necessary.  The booklet talks about using a torch with the gel but that is also not necessary. Basically, you have 3 different options that all give a slightly different effect.  We then added the paint to a larger plastic cup in layers.  It’s important not to stir them.  We put the canvas on top of the cup and held them together while we flipped it over.  Then just lift the cup and move your canvases around until the whole thing is covered in paint.

Pour Painting

The instructions have you prop the canvas up on 4 of the little plastic cups that it comes with.  We needed the cups so we just used a bowl from the cupboard.  It worked great.

I think this kit was a good starter kit for pour painting though I would highly advise doing a little research before trying it.  I’ve come up with a few ideas of things we could try next but we’re out of paint so I’m going to have to learn to mix my own.  If you have tried this kit what did you think?

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This pour painting starter kit is a lot of fun and a great introduction to pour painting.  We had a great time with this project and plan on trying it again.

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