Tummy Time Pillow Tutorial

The idea for this tummy time pillow came to me while I was looking at toys in the store.  Their are a few tummy time props on the market but I didn’t like the colors.  I made this one for my sister who is doing a Robin Hood theme for her nursery.  I thought the arrows would fit in nicely.

The pillow is designed so prop the baby up to give them a better angle to see around the room during tummy time.  It also has 3 loops so you can attach a few of their favorite toys.

The baby should not be left unattended with this pillow.  This is definitely the kind of toy where you need to be there to make sure they are safe.  For instance, you wouldn’t want the baby falling asleep on this pillow.

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Tummy Time Pillow MaterialsMaterials:

Tummy Time Pillow Instructions:

I picked 2 fabrics with different textures to make the pillow more interesting.  I used white minky with arrows as the main fabric and brown fake fur for the sides of the pillow.

Fabric Prep

Using the template from the Materials section, cut 2 side pieces.  If you don’t have the template you can make your own buy drawing a large teardrop shape on a piece of computer paper.  The template goes almost corner to corner with a diameter of about 5″ for the rounded part.

If you are using fabric with a nap, make sure that each side is cut with the nap going the same direction.  Measure one side going all the way around so see how long your main fabric will need to me.  Add a half inch for the seam allowance.  If you are using the template you will need to 28.5″ including the seam allowance.

Cut your main fabric to 18″ x 28.5″ (or the measurement of your side).


Once you’ve cut your pieces to size you can start sewing them together.  To give yourself a place to attach the ribbon loops you will need to sew the pillow together a little differential than expected.  You want the loops to be on the rounded end at the top of the pillow.  This makes it a little more complicated.

Pin the side panels to the main fabric.Mark each side panel where you want the fabric to meet, this is the line where the loops will be.  I added mine a little higher than half way. Pin both side panels to the main fabric, right sides together using your mark to make sure that the main fabric starts in the same place for both. As long as the line is straight it doesn’t matter if it is a little low or a little high.  You can just add more links when you add the toys.

Pin the ribbon loops inside the pillow.Sew the side panels to the main fabric.  With your pillow still inside out, create the ribbon loops and stick them inside the pillow so the ends are facing outside and pin them in place. Now you can sew the main fabric closed, leaving yourself a small opening to turn the pillow.  I sewed over each loop a few time to give them some strength, they will get pulled a lot.

Finishing Touches

Turn your pillow right side out and make sure that all of your seams look good.  Fill the pillow with Poly-fil.  I filled mine so that the pillow would keep it’s shape but loose enough that when the baby is placed on the pillow he won’t just roll right off.

Once you are happy with the fullness of your pillow you can slip stitch the hole closed.  You could put the pillow under the sewing machine and sew it closed but I don’t think that would look as good with the seam on the rounded part of the pillow.  A slip stitch will make the stitching almost invisible.

I made a fox crinkle taggy toy a few weeks ago so I added that to give it a Robin Hood feel.  I also added a few random toys I found at the store with different textures and sounds that I thought a baby might like.  I did make sure to pick toys that are safe for 0+ as tummy time starts around 3 weeks.  If you are looking for other baby things to make check out my post on 6 Gifts To Make For Baby Showers.

I would love to see how your project turns out.  Post pictures to Instagram #boutsofspontaneouscrafting.

This easy to make tummy time pillow has loops to attach your baby's favorite toys right to the pillow so they will always be within easy reach.

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