About Me

Loryn in craft room.

Bouts of Spontaneous Crafting is a community for crafters looking for tutorials or inspiration in a wide variety of crafts.

This blog is the product of a crafter with a ridiculously short attention span and a love for learning how to do new things.  Over the years I’ve bounced from craft to craft, learning as much as I can about one before moving on to the next.  Cake decorating, polymer clay, and jewelry making are just a few examples of my periodic crafting obsessions.

A couple of the nice things about bouncing from craft to craft is finding similarities between them and using skills learned from one craft for the next.  For example, I absolutely hate fondant, but I can work with it pretty easily because it’s basically edible clay (though I have to note that I’m using the term “edible” very loosely here, fondant is nasty and vastly inferior buttercream).

Having bounced back and forth between so many different crafts, I’ve created this blog to share my knowledge and experience of these crafts with you, the crafters of the world, and hopefully to learn even more in the process.  The crafting community is such a collaborative one, and there are so many crafts out there in the world just waiting to be tried and shared.

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My Crafty Life

I have a full-time job, an amazing husband, and two of the coolest cats I’ve ever met.  For me, crafting is a way to exercise creativity, learn and develop skills I might not otherwise have, and keep my sanity in this crazy world.  My husband doesn’t get too deep into crafting, but Gavin (my kitten) loves to “help”.  He now has his own bed on my crafting table so he can sit on something other than my projects.  Power of positive thinking here, people.  It works…sometimes.


Lando (my husband’s cat) isn’t much of a crafter either, but he loves to steal the pins out of my sewing projects and he’s been known to dabble in paw-painting on the half-wall that hides the stairs to the basement.  He’s not as big a fan of the baths he gets afterwards.  We’ve been meaning to repaint the top of the half-wall anyway…

Lando tolerating a bell attached to him

Let’s create something together.